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My Case Logs is the best case log app for busy surgeons and physicians.
Keep track of your cases easier than ever before. Quickly enter your patient data online or via our easy to use mobile app. Search cases by date, institution, and diagnosis. Export your cases in seconds for billing, applying for hospital privileges, or sharing with colleagues.

With My Case Logs, you'll be able to track and organize your cases in one easily accessible place. Safe and secure, My Case Logs provides everything you need to manage your case logs.

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12 Oct 21
Modernize How You Keep Track of Your Case Logs

Case logs are a record of patient activity arranged by CPT code. Filing case records is an important part of the training of residents.

12 Oct 21
How Can The Healthcare Industry Benefit From Case Log Mobile Apps?

A case log is a record of a patient’s history, clinical examination, and all the investigations carried out and procedures.

12 Oct 21
Introduction To Case Logs – Everything You Need To Know

What Are Case Logs? Case logs, also known as procedure logs,are pieces of information that contain patient activity arranged by.

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