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We focus exclusively on helping physicians, residents, medical students, and hospitals better manage case logs.

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An all-in-one case log management solution for surgical case logs, resident case logs, and anesthesia case logs.

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We're a leading healthcare solutions provider on a relentless quest to improve the lives of physicians through better case log management.


Mobile Case Logging

Increase your efficiency by using our case logs mobile app. You can log cases easily while being on the run without having to grab pen and paper.

ICD & CPT Codes

Using ICT and CPD codes, file patient and procedure logs and access case logs within seconds. Communicate with your colleagues in the universal medical language.

Pre & Post Operative Images

Add pre- and post-operative images of patients is very easy. Attaching patient before and after photos are one of the most valuable things to add to your case logs.

Smart Search

Find case logs in seconds. Search by date, patient's name, name of institution, date of admission, procedure performed, and more.


Export cases with one click. Cases can be exported as a pdf in a detailed or summary view. Easily export and share case logs without the hassle.

Analytics & Reporting

Get a 360-degree view of your patient and procedure logs–in beautiful, simple to read charts and graphs. View by day, month, or procedure.

How It Works

Health care workers can add their log cases online or via mobile app. These case logs can be accessed readily whenever the need arises and can also be shared among colleagues for discussion and opinions.

Exported logs contains a summary of all the important details of the case, including pre-and post-operative images. Cases are stored securely in the cloud and stay in the database infinitely, do not get misplaced like files, and can be accessed on any device anytime,

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12 Oct 21
Modernize How You Keep Track of Your Case Logs

Case logs are a record of patient activity arranged by CPT code. Filing case records is an important part of the training of residents.

12 Oct 21
How Can The Healthcare Industry Benefit From Case Log Mobile Apps?

A case log is a record of a patient’s history, clinical examination, and all the investigations carried out and procedures.

12 Oct 21
Introduction To Case Logs – Everything You Need To Know

What Are Case Logs? Case logs, also known as procedure logs,are pieces of information that contain patient activity arranged by.

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Nicoli Sertolli, MD

I love My Case Logs. It's easy to use and convenient.

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This app is GREAT! It let's me enter and access my case logs in seconds.

Dr. Ravi Gupta

The ability to enter my procedure logs from home, work, or where ever is a definitely a game changer.